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Comfort-U Deluxe Body Pillow


Comfort-U Deluxe with White (50/50 poly/cotton) cover
Comfort-U Deluxe Pillow Comfort-U Deluxe Silver Light Fleece Comfort-U March Madness Comfort-U Pillow by Moonlight Comfort-U Deluxe Pillow by Moonlight Comfort-U Sizing Chart Comfort-U Deluxe with White (50/50 poly/cotton) cover Comfort-U Deluxe with Silver Light Fleece Cover Comfort-U Deluxe with Organic Cotton Cover Comfort-U Deluxe with Dermatherapy cover Comfort-U size comparison Comfort-U Covers
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The ultimate body pillow, cradling your body with 360 degrees of support. Used for relieving aches and pains, assisting throughout pregnancy or just lounging around the house. Made in the USA and guaranteed to never flatten or clump. 

Displayed on Little Dreamer Deluxe Full for size.


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Product Description

The Comfort-U Deluxe body pillow is the ultimate body pillow, cradling your body with 360 degrees of support. Reposition any way you like for watching TV, reading in bed, alleviating aches and pains, or simply comforting you to sleep. Made in the USA, our Comfort-U pillows are filled with a synthetic down called Fusion™ Fiberfill and won’t flatten or clump no matter the amount of use. 

The Comfort-U Deluxe body pillow comes with removable, zip-off, washable cover. Choose from a variety of pillow covers – 50/50 cotton and polyester, 100% premium organic cotton, or for a warm and cozy option, choose our soft fleece.

We also offer a Dermatherapy Comfort-U cover that is cooler, drier, cleaner and smoother than regular cotton. This cover effectively keeps menopausal or pregnant women cool and is a great option for those with sensitive skin who may suffer from eczema.


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The Comfort-U Deluxe body pillow can be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, this pillow is used for:

  • Maternity support 
  • Sleep aid during pregnancy 
  • Relief from aches and pains
  • Daytime or nighttime lounging 

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Care Instructions

Toss your entire Comfort-U pillow, or just the case, in the washer or dryer as needed. Wash on gentle. 

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All Moonlight products offer a Lifetime Product Warranty that protects against manufacturer defects. Learn more about our warranty or how to return a product.
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