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Medical-grade mattresses and beds for care environments

Moonlight Medical uses quality materials, sleep expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing to produce medical-grade sleep surfaces that are built to last. Made in the USA using sourced materials, our certified safe products are trusted by hospitals, medical centers and care facilities across the country.  We also offer medical bed frames that are compatible with Moonlight Medical mattresses.

Mattresses suited for medical needs

Visco Elastic Prevention Mattress for Superior Comfort

Multi-Layered Design to Reduce Pressure

Available with Raised Perimeter

Meets 16 CFR Part 1633 Fire Code

Fluid Proof Cover for Easy Cleaning 

 400 Pound Weight Capacity

Firm Edge for Greater Stability during Ingress/Egress

Sloped Heel to Help Off-Load Pressure on Heel Section

Against Manufacturer Defects Five Year Warranty

Adjustable, easy-assembly bed frames

Easy to Assemble

Adjustable Head Position

IV Stand Available

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