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Moonlight Lifetime Product Warranty

Your Moonlight product is designed to serve you and your family for many moons. Should you experience any issues, all Moonlight crib mattresses come with a product lifetime warranty. The expected lifetime of a crib mattress is 8 years. All other Moonlight products come with a 2-year limited warranty. 

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Proof of purchase must be provided. This warranty is non-transferable and covers against defects in workmanship or materials. This warranty does not protect against normal wear and tear such as soiling and staining caused by grease, inks, cosmetics, bleach, dyes, solvents or corrosives. This warranty does not apply to  intentional or accidental damage or abuse, misuse or mishandling of the product or its components, or to mattresses that do not feature the original manufacturer's law tag. 

For tips on how to properly clean and care for your Moonlight product, visit our frequently asked questions. We also suggest registering your Moonlight product. Should you have any questions about your purchase, don’t hesitate to call us at 847.289.0101 or email, and we’ll do everything we can to make your purchase right. 

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