Comfort-U Full Body Pillow


Comfort-U Full Body Pillow
Comfort-U Full Body Pillow Comfort-U Full Body Pillow Comfort-U Deluxe White Comfort-U Full Body Pillow Comfort-U Deluxe Blue Comfort-U Deluxe Comfort-U Deluxe Size Chart Comfort-U Full Body Pillow Comfort-U Full Body Pillow Comfort-U Full Body Pillow Comfort-U Full Body Pillow
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The ultimate oversized body pillow, with more 360-degree support than ever before. Used for relieving aches and pains, assisting throughout pregnancy or just lounging around the house. Made in the USA and guaranteed to never flatten or clump. 

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Product Description

The Comfort-U Full Body is the ultimate oversized body pillow, with more 360-degree support than ever before. Reposition any way you like for watching TV, reading in bed, alleviating aches and pains or simply comforting you to sleep. Made in the USA, our Comfort-U pillows are filled with a synthetic down called Fusion™ Fiberfill and won’t flatten or clump no matter the amount of use. 

The Comfort-U Full Body comes with removable, zip-off, washable cover. Choose from a variety of pillow covers – 50/50 cotton and polyester, 100% organic cotton, or for a warm and cozy option, choose our soft fleece in navy or grey.

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The Comfort-U Full Body can be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, this pillow is used for:

  • Maternity support 
  • Sleep aid during pregnancy 
  • Relief from aches and pains
  • Daytime or nighttime lounging 

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Care Instructions

Toss your entire Comfort-U pillow, or just the case, in the washer or dryer as needed. Wash on gentle. 

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Stephanie L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Outstanding Customer Service & Best Sleep Support

Hi! I had tried 2 other body pillows before the Comfort-U body pillow; I had to get rid of them because one was too thin/flimsy/lumpy and another was too hard/caused extra pain. I had read what seemed like every online review of 'best body pillows' before getting this pillow. I finally found the right one, made by Moonlight. I've slept with the Comfort-U body pillow for years now. I originally bought it through Amazon and then bought another case through this site (when it was called Moonlight Slumber). Unfortunately, I have a sleep disorder that causes me to move during my REM (dream) sleep. I use the u-shaped pillow around my sides and feet to keep me from hitting or kicking my husband (he's a champ to put up with me!). I also have chronic back pain and discomfort from old injuries. Because of these issues, I'm quite particular about how I nest my pillows around me in order to sleep. The Comfort-U body pillow has the right amount of support for me and the right thickness - not too flimsy but also not too hard/lumpy. It's like I'm Goldilocks with body pillows. This body pillow is my "just right". In addition to this body pillow, I use 3 other pillows. I often wake up with the individual pillows off the bed in the morning, but the innermost side of the Comfort-U body pillow is like the soft border between the his and hers sides of the bed. It's always there in the morning. If I get up before my husband, I often find him sleeping against it after I get up. I prefer to sleep partly on my side and partly on my stomach; in that position, I rest my ankles on an additional pillow that I place at the bottom of the u-shaped body pillow. When I kick that extra pillow off the bed in the night, it helps to have Moonlight's body pillow to continue to nest within during the rest of the night. Sometimes, I sleep on my back for a change of position. In that case, I require some elevation of my knees in order not to wake up in pain. This body pillow helps with that, too. I bend it into whatever position suits my fancy at the time. My original Comfort-U pillow endured a lot of abuse: being kicked night after night with toenails that were imperfectly groomed, being propped under my knees, being lifted by a leg when my husband made the bed. My original pillow-case got a rip in the seam at the bottom of the u-shape, so I bought another case. I proceeded to kick holes in that one too, sewed it back together temporarily many times, and then one day ripped the pillow itself at the seams. I resorted to duct tape when my husband put his foot down about buying yet another case. My review doesn't end unhappily, there. At that point, I wrote Moonlight an email about how much I needed their pillow, proposing that they send me a version with reinforced seems to keep the cost of replacing the cases down. I said I couldn't pay much this time, but offered to pay a fair price and to continue to bea satisfied customer... The CEO personally replied to my email, asking where to mail a custom replacement. She had her team make me a custom Comfort-U pillow, with 2 custom Comfort-U pillowcases. The complimentary Comfort-U body pillow had extra fabric sown around the pillow itself (so that it would be more difficult to rip), with more than double-reinforced seams. Not only that, but I got 2 replacement pillow cases - both with an extra layer of material and double-reinforced seams. One was a custom white cotton case (my favorite for year-round use) and the other was a custom navy/fleece pillowcase (snuggly for winter or for when I spill something on my other custom case, for example, when I'm eating in bed). Everything was made custom just for me, taking into account the extra fabric, so that the cases fit perfectly. Moonlight didn't charge me anything for this replacement pillow or cases. All the CEO asked was for an honest review of my experiences with the product so far. Initially, after I received the pillow, I wasn't sure how I felt about writing a review in exchange for a product. So I backed out of writing it. The company still didn't charge me anything and in fact simply wrote a kind email back. Now about a year later, I'm finally getting around to writing this review because I'm still such a happy customer. The Comfort-U body pillow is the body pillow I sleep with every night, the one that keeps my husband safer and my pain score lower, and the seams are expertly intact. Thanks you, Moonlight, for an amazing customer service experience and for customizing the perfect product for my personal needs. I hope this review helps someone else find their 'just right' body pillow! It's here!

Latasha B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Love it!

It’s been great! I don’t know how I ever slept without it! The only thing I’ve had to adjust is fluffing out the U-part where my head lays because it gets flat, but, that’s it. I absolutely love it. I’ll be purchasing another one for my daughter at Christmas time. She’s been envious of mine since I bought it.

Wendie L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
comfort u full body pillow

I am extremely satisfied as this my second purchase. While on vacation, I left my pillow behind and had to replace it. I would highly recommend as it is useful in many positions.

Rachel A.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Best pillow I’ve ever bought

100% best pillow I’ve ever bought. I’m constantly buying pillows that are never comfortable or work. Being pregnant this is soft, doesn’t push into my skin at the seams like other body pillows have. The simple shape is perfect, nothing fancy just perfect and exactly what I need, and this will be my everyday pillow after im done having kids

Jessie C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
It actually helps!

I'm not pregnant, but I've always suffered from horrible lower back pain. This pillow somehow alleviates most of that pain. It's not a miracle fix, however it's the best I've felt in years. For those of us who are tall and big (I'm 5'11, 270), this is actually large enough to wrap around like it should. The only small complaint is that the top of the U needs to be reinforced - I have to be very careful when I wrap it around me at night, or I can feel the stitching stretch and almost pop at the top of the U. That's the only reason it isn't 5 stars.


Thanks, Jessie. If you ever have any issues with your stitching, please reach out to us at 847.289.0101 or email, and we will take care of you!

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